A Tough Decision

I have to tell you that I just did something that literally pained me.  I just deleted many of my recipes from the blog.  And I really, really hated to do it.  Something I haven’t talked about here yet is that I have recently begun baking my Paleo goodies for a local organic grocery store.  It has been great, and the products are literally flying off the shelves.  I don’t want you to think that I took down my recipes because I am trying to force people to buy my food.  I promise that isn’t it.  I am a huge proponent of making your own food (obviously!!).  The issue I am concerned with is that someone else locally will see how successfully the food is selling and attempt to copy it.  That would be so upsetting–it literally turns my stomach to think about it.  So I have removed some of my recipes…..although a majority of them still remain.  I hope to share more with you soon….things that I’m not selling, that are easy to make at home…..when I figure out my new schedule and find some spare time.

In the meantime I do hope you forgive me, and understand.

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3 responses

  1. Totally understand and congrats. So sad as I came to make the vanilla chai cupcakes for my daughter’s 4th birthday…they are so delicious! Where are you selling? I live in IN. I would be happy to pay you for the recipe, but I need it for tomorrow.

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